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Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY ALL:  Good Friday all , today we are going to review HELLSPAWN DOMINION, the fifth book in the hellspawn series by Ricky Fleet                ...


 Good Friday all , today we are going to review HELLSPAWN DOMINION, the fifth book in the hellspawn series by Ricky Fleet

                         BOOK BLURB 

On Ham Farm, the remnants of the British Army watch as the massive horde approach in the distance. Joining forces with the Smith sisters they face a race against time to fortify the area before the dead attack. Vastly outnumbered, all they can do is pray their training and arsenal of weapons will see them through the coming battle. If they manage to repel the multitudes of rotting zombies, the real war is only just beginning. Inside the castle, the survivors start to take the safety of the impenetrable fortress for granted. Kurt and the family know what needs to be done to survive the zombie apocalypse, but a lazy clique begin to show their cowardice. Refusing to fight, forage or guard the walls, they skulk away and isolate themselves, weakening the defences further. With Craig planning terrible revenge, this selfish act could have deadly consequences for them all.

                         MY REVIEW 

     This is the fifth book in the series and I must say it just keeps getting better and better with each book . The book is centered around the three surviving groups. Kurt and his family and friends in the castle . The military and the smith sisters on the farm and Craig and the rest of the inmates in the prison . All gearing up for a fight that is going to come . Who will survive and who will ultimately die . 
    I absolutely love the characters in this book . The author has really made them into such complex characters .  Kurt has grown into such a great leader but he is also a broken man that is in the middle of grieving . But he has the backing of his wife and others that will keep him going . He has to make the hard decisions and when some of the survivors break off he   lets them go with a dire warning . You see him struggle with what he has done and what he knows he has to do .  Craig and the inmates are well you just want to hate them so badly . They kind of remind me of the saviors from the walking dead . They do what the need to be done to survive . So really they are just surviving the only way they know how . I mean if the author was writing about Craig and the inmates first you would probably like them and the laws that they follow .  I probably wouldn't like  Craig either way  or Hombre  there is just something about them that really just makes my skin crawl when I read their stories .  The third group is the military and the smith sisters . They are working hard to make sure the hell spawn are dead , trying to find survivors . They are all working hard and they have a bigger part of the plot in this book . You see them scared and you see them kicking ass and finding survivors . There are also some new characters in this installment which just add to all the zombie malay . 
     I couldn't put this one down I started reading in the morning and I was done by late afternoon . The author takes us on such a journey. You will pick the group you want to be in and you will be cheering for them with every zombie they kill . The action is fast paced and the interaction between the characters is sweet sometimes bittersweet . You will cheer and you will shed a tear at the losses . Yes we do have a few losses that will break your heart.  I really think that you should add this series to your Halloween reading list. You will not be disappointed . You do have to read the other books to understand what is going on but you will love them . So check them out . They get 5 zombies out of 5 for me 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING

Books to curl up with: GOOD MONDAY MORNING: Good Monday all . today I have a great book for you all . If you like mysteries and detective novels this would be a good one to read . SACR...


Good Monday all . today I have a great book for you all . If you like mysteries and detective novels this would be a good one to read . SACRIFICE OF INNOCENCE by Allison Cosgrove

                            BOOK BLURB 

     A cult has been killing children for its rituals and only one cop knows who they are. Detective Stan Brookshire knows but his past keeps people from believing in him. Can he rise above the stigma that shrouds his past and stop a cult from taking yet another innocent child from her mother’s arms before it’s too late?

                             MY REVIEW 
    I was intrigued when I found this book. I love a really good detective book so I took the chance and man I am so glad I did . This book had me hooked from the very first chapter . I mean who doesn't like a good crime novel where there is a cult and a detective they want gone and do everything in their power it disgrace him. Stan Brookshire is out to figure out what is happening , after 4 children are abducted and murdered. The task force is set up to figure out what is happening . Will Stan and the rest of the team figure out who is doing the killing and will they save the last girl kidnapped 
   I adored the characters in this book they are well written and complex . Stan is your average guy , has his demons and works too hard . He is you basic battle scarred police officer but he can do his job and do it well.  You see how he works when he is trying to figure everything out . He is such a good guy and you will cheer for him as he starts to put the pieces together . Jane is his straightforward no nonsense partner . She is the calm for his crazy and keeps him going . She is strong and sensible . I really liked her , she keeps everyone calm and doesn't believe half of what is going on even from the hospital . The rest of the characters are both good and evil , you have to keep your eyes out for the bad guys you can't believe who one of them is . They are so well written you will love them all 
    This book had me up all night reading , I couldn't put the book down . I needed to find out if everyone would come out ok. The author has a way of taking you to places you didn't think you would go . The story is complex and the characters are awesome.  The only thing I wish the author would of done is expand on the cult just a little bit more , give us a little bit of the history . Other then that this is a fast paced book that will keep you reading all night long . So if you like detective thrillers check it out , I am headed off to get book two . So check it out .

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Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY THE 13TH ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD FRIDAY THE 13TH ALL:    Sitting on a tree stump watching them film their last scene in the latest film . Hey Emir thank you for joining me today Thanks f...


   Sitting on a tree stump watching them film their last scene in the latest film .
Hey Emir thank you for joining me today
Thanks for having me

 Tells us a bit about yourself

Well, let’s see, my name is Emir. I’m 30 years old. I was actually born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and I lived there until I was 13. Then I moved to USA with my parents and my sister. I’ve been living in Buffalo, NY, since 2002. I’m a huge animal rights advocate, and that’s one of the reasons I’m a vegetarian.
Besides writing, I also make films.
I’m married to an amazing woman, and my number one supporter, Nicole. We have 2 dogs and 2 cats and they are all rescues.
Tell us a little about your writing style 
I take a cinematic approach. I guess that comes from my experience in film. I want to make it as if the people are reading a movie. Everything is fast paced, epic and what not. This can be both good or bad hahaha.
Your books make people think what kind of research do you do to get ready to write
I generally read up on a subject before I start writing. I also listen to relevant music to get myself in the mood (for example, extreme metal music is my forte)
Do you read your reviews and what do you do when you get a bad one
I do read them, of course. And sure, the bad ones get me down but that’s only for a moment.  My wife is there to tell me that it’s alright and to push through. It’s tough you know, seeing something you made get shredded, but that’s life. The good reviews make up for it.
You are also a filmmaker . how does that help you in writing
I see things differently. It also adds a level of visual effect. I write my stuff extremely graphic and that comes from my films. I like everything to be in your face kind of thing, the blood, the body parts haha etc.
Which do you like better the film making process or writing a book .
I’d say both. With writing, you sort of get to push the boundaries. In books, there’s no budget. You can write whatever you wish, however wild. The films, eh, that’s where the money comes in and that’s a limit sometimes, your constraint. 

 Your films are very visual and have really dark themes . What made you decide to do such dark horror films
I wonder this myself. I did grow up in a war-torn country so I’d say that has something to do with it. I’m not going to lie, I get depressed very easily, like a light switch, at which point, everything sucks, everything is doom and gloom and all you want to do is drink and sleep. Making such graphic films and writing the books, that’s my outlet, a cathartic fantasy world.
 How many films have you made and how are they received with the public
Oh, damn, I’d say truly, 5 features and about a dozen shorts. Reception varied. Some were better received than others. You have to remember, I make them with a very loyal and tight crew but we make them for 0, nil, zip, zero dollars. So that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But there is a great underground indie audience that loves the films that we make.
laughing ok now back to books .
 If there was one thing you could do as a teenager to help you become a better writer / filmmaker . What would it be
Take more writing courses, forget about everything else and just focus on writing and film workshops. I’d start earlier. If I had the knowledge I do now, life would have been easier.
Do you hide things in your books that people will read and go ah ha
Haha yes, occasionally. I’ll name certain characters or say things that my cat’s friends would say (yes I made up imaginary friends for my cat and they are all either drug addicts or con artists) and I’d get a chuckle out of my wife.
Do you believe in writers block
Hell yeah I do hahaha It sucks, but you push through it. Everyone has their way.
Coffee runs through my veins. My body is like a pot, then when it goes stale, it flushes through and I replenish.
Definitely Chips and salsa/cheese
Definitely Gladiator
I guess Healing Power, so I could heal all the animals.
What piece of advice would you give any aspiring writer and or filmmaker .
This is a tough one, but definitely…don’t give up. I have to hear this on a daily basis. Don’t give up. It’s easier said than done, but whatever you do, don’t give up on your dreams. Don’t be stuck living someone else’s life. Do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Keep writing and success will follow.
and where can we stalk you at


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Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: HAPPY TUESDAY ALL: OMG I am squealing here , I was so excited to see that Alice Hoffman has written a prequel to the fabulous book Pratical magic. RULES OF...


OMG I am squealing here , I was so excited to see that Alice Hoffman has written a prequel to the fabulous book Pratical magic. RULES OF MAGIC is out and reading for you Halloween reading .

                         BOOK BLURB 

From beloved author Alice Hoffman comes the spellbinding prequel to her bestseller, Practical Magic.

Find your magic.

For the Owens family, love is a curse that began in 1620, when Maria Owens was charged with witchery for loving the wrong man.

Hundreds of years later, in New York City at the cusp of the sixties, when the whole world is about to change, Susanna Owens knows that her three children are dangerously unique. Difficult Franny, with skin as pale as milk and blood red hair, shy and beautiful Jet, who can read other people’s thoughts, and charismatic Vincent, who began looking for trouble on the day he could walk.

From the start Susanna sets down rules for her children: No walking in the moonlight, no red shoes, no wearing black, no cats, no crows, no candles, no books about magic. And most importantly, never, ever, fall in love. But when her children visit their Aunt Isabelle, in the small Massachusetts town where the Owens family has been blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong, they uncover family secrets and begin to understand the truth of who they are. Back in New York City each begins a risky journey as they try to escape the family curse.

The Owens children cannot escape love even if they try, just as they cannot escape the pains of the human heart. The two beautiful sisters will grow up to be the revered, and sometimes feared, aunts in Practical Magic, while Vincent, their beloved brother, will leave an unexpected legacy. Thrilling and exquisite, real and fantastical, The Rules of Magic is a story about the power of love reminding us that the only remedy for being human is to be true to yourself.

                        MY REVIEW 

    I so squealed when I saw that there was a prequel to the Practical Magic book . Rules of Magic is all about the aunts when they were younger let me introduce you all to Frany. Jet and their brother Vincent . They are living in New York at the beginning of the sixties . Their mother Susanna has strict rules for them, no wearing red shoes , no books on magic , no going out after dark and the big one NO FALLING IN LOVE . But after a trip to their aunts in Massachusetts . Things have changed that sends each of them on a journey to find what they truly are and to find the love that they all want . 
     This book had me hooked from the very first page . I have always wanted to know what made the aunts the way they are and how they grew up .  The characters are well written and complex . One moment you love them and the next minute you want to strangle all three of them .  I think Vincent is the most complicated of all the characters in this book . He doesn't really know where he belongs , he is an out cast that is dabbling in dark magic . He doesn't really know what he is doing but you start to care for him and want what is best for him . Franny is so strong willed and she is the tough one of the three of them . She sometimes is a little frail and not real sure of herself . She is also a little quirky in her own way . Jet is the sweet soulful daughter , she can read peoples minds and is so shy . All she wants is love and to be loved . Each of their journeys will keep you on the edge of your seat as you read 
    This book was such a great read . I love the way the author writes . She writes with such a passion , you can't help but get carried away in her story telling . The characters are great and the story is heart warming and funny . You will laugh and cry for each of characters and their stories . If you liked Practical magic you will love RULES OF MAGIC . 

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY J.D BROWN

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY J.D BROWN:  HAPPY RELEASE DAY  today DARK ASCENSION by J.D Brown is out .                          BOOK BLURB    When one king falls, ano...


 HAPPY RELEASE DAY  today DARK ASCENSION by J.D Brown is out .

                         BOOK BLURB 

When one king falls, another rises…

Defeating her nemesis is just the beginning for Ema Marx. Her past is about to catch up with her. Her future is bleak. A new enemy awaits. But her greatest challenge? Surviving her parents.

Or is it surviving her on-off relationship?
Wait … It’s definitely saving her unborn children.
Pretty sure.

Dark Ascension is the highly anticipated fourth installment of the award-winning urban fantasy series by J.D. Brown. See why readers are comparing Ema Marx to Kate Daniels and Mercy Thompson. Grab your copy today, or start from the beginning at

Other books in this series includes:
Dark Heirloom (book 1)
Dark Liaison (book 2)
Athena's Oracle (book 2.5)
Dark Becoming (book 3)
The Warrioress (book 3.5)
Dark Ascension (book 4)

                         MY REVIEW 

    This is the 4th book in the Ema Marx series . What do  you do when you are carrying the offspring that might bring the end of the world and the on and off again relationship with the man of her dreams. Oh yeah and trying to navigate the parents and ex boyfriend staying with you. Whats a girl do
    Omg I was so excited to finally have the chance to read this book . I have fallen in love with these characters  and I was so excited to see them come back to me. The author started from where she left off in book three . Ema and the gang are back with some added characters. Ema is stronger then ever and still confused over Jesu. She is also trying to find a way to help her unborn children and going to fight a fight she might not come back from . Jesu is still as grumpy as ever and still torn between love and duty .  Oh and he is still as sexy and deadly as ever . The newest addition is Shensheng and she is awesome . I love her and I can't wait to see more of this type of vampire .
   The story will take you away to a place where vampires and demons live and you will enjoy every moment of it . The characters are well developed and complex . The bad guys are arrogant but also do have some redeeming qualities and the good guys are sweet and sexy . This series needs to be read from the beginning so you know what is going on . But trust me it is really worth the read . So check out the series . You will not be disappointed

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Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD MORNING ALL: Today we have a special treat for you , an interview with J.D Brown . She is the author of the Ema Marx series and has a new book com...


Today we have a special treat for you , an interview with J.D Brown . She is the author of the Ema Marx series and has a new book coming out Monday Oct 9

Thank you for coming and spending time with us today 

 Thank you for having me . 

 Tell us a little bit about yourself 
    My name is J.D Brown and I am the author of the Ema Marx series. I am a Neflix addict , book hoarder and coffee lover . I live an hour outside Chicago and I am a Pomeranian mom 

Tell us about your books 
 The Ema Marx series includes four novels . Dark Heirloom. Dark Liaison . Dark Becoming and the new book Dark Ascension and two novellas  Athena's Oracle and The Warrioress. The story follows a recent college graduate and historian named Ema Marx who mysteriously becomes a vampire and must fight her way through a paranormal underground she never knew existed . 

What is your writing style like 
  It is a little dark , a little witty . Equal parts contemporary and magical  with a dash of romance for good measure. I am pretty descriptive with my writing. I like for the readers to feel as though  they are Ema able to step into her skin and experience everything she does .  If you ever wondered what being a vampire might be "feel" like this is the series for you . You'll smell the blood as you hear the thump of a speeding pulse.

When you write your characters do they have pieces of you in them 
  I am sure there's a little off me in them since I imagined them up but they're also very much their own people . I love creating backstories for them all . It's one of my favorite parts of writing . 

 If you didn't write, what would you be doing with your life 
 Gosh , I don't even want to think about that because I don't know. Haha. I'd probably go back to grooming or dog training . I love working with animals .

Do you read your reviews and what do you do if you read a bad review . 
  Sometimes I do if I happen to notice a new one . I don't respond to reviews because everyone is entitled to their opinion and art is meant to inspire debate 

 What aspect of the writing / publishing do you like and what part do you dislike . 
  Connecting with the readers is the best part / Knowing that I've built this fictional world and populated it with fictional characters that real people like me actually want to escape to . That is the coolest feeling .
 The worst part? Gosh , its so time consuming . Being your own boss is exhausting and can be really scary sometimes . Having to make the big executive decisions when it comes to marketing or advertisements or traveling . Knowing how to handle the business side of things .... there is always a struggle 

 If there was a movie made out of your books who would you cast as the leads . 
 I have a better question: who would you guys want to see . The Casting pros can handle it . 

 If there was one thing you could do differently as a teenager to help you become a better writer today . What would it be 
  I'd start sooner . I'd writer more and faster  I'd tell myself that it doesn't need to be perfect or the best or even that good . You beat 50% of the competition just by finishing a manuscript . Perseverance is so much more important than talent . 

 What was the first book that made you want to become a writer. 
  Can I blame Twilight?  LOL. I probably shouldn't because Lord knows Meyer did something right. Don't get me wrong , I have the entire saga in hard back sitting on my shelf , but Bella Swan really made me want to take a crack at writing better . Justice was needed for those of us who wanted a more badass female .


 Coffee but I like tea also 

 Vinegar and sea salt chips . Though I try and not buy them because I always end up eating the entire bag in one sitting 
 ooh those are my favourite chips too and yeah once you start you don't stop :)


 I don't have one there are so many to choose from 

 Yes absolutely 

 I ask every author this question. What would you tell any aspiring writer out there . 
 Don't be afraid to write crap because there is no such thing as perfect . A finished manuscript is the most important part of the entire process. you can fix a finished manuscript . You can edit , tweak and polish a finished manuscript .  You can sell a finished manuscript even if it sucks . you cannot do squat with a partially finished draft or ides . End of story (no pun intended )

 Where can we find you 

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Books to curl up with: Good Thursday all

Books to curl up with: Good Thursday all:     Good Thursday all today we have a new book for you to check out it is a psychological thrilling book THE VISITORS by Catherine Burns  ...

Good Thursday all

    Good Thursday all today we have a new book for you to check out it is a psychological thrilling book THE VISITORS by Catherine Burns

                          BOOK BLURB 

“Once you start Catherine Burns's dark, disturbing, and enthralling debut novel, it's hard to stop. The Visitors is bizarrely unsettling, yet compulsively readable.” —Iain Reid, internationally bestselling author of I’m Thinking of Ending Things

With the smart suspense of Emma Donoghue’s Room and the atmospheric claustrophobia of Grey Gardens, Catherine Burns’s debut novel explores the complex truths we are able to keep hidden from ourselves and the twisted realities that can lurk beneath even the most serene of surfaces.

Marion Zetland lives with her domineering older brother John in a crumbling mansion on the edge of a northern seaside resort. A timid spinster in her fifties who still sleeps with teddy bears, Marion does her best to live by John’s rules, even if it means turning a blind eye to the noises she hears coming from behind the cellar door...and turning a blind eye to the women’s laundry in the hamper that isn’t hers. For years, she’s buried the signs of John’s devastating secret into the deep recesses of her mind—until the day John is crippled by a heart attack, and Marion becomes the only one whose shoulders are fit to bear his secret. Forced to go down to the cellar and face what her brother has kept hidden, Marion discovers more about herself than she ever thought possible. As the truth is slowly unraveled, we finally begin to understand: maybe John isn’t the only one with a dark side....

                        MY REVIEW 

      I honestly didn't know what I was getting into when I got this book . I sat down and started reading , thinking this was going to be a ghost story I was so wrong . Marion lives with her domineering older brother . She is a timid woman who turns a blind eye to everything and every one . Until the day she is forced into the basement to face what is happening down there . Maybe there is more then one person with a dark side . 
     This book is a raw emotional tale of one woman's tormented life with the culmination of all the monsters that have scared her for her entire life . The author takes us to dark scary places that you don't want to go to in the dark . The characters are dark and eerily scary in their own way  Marion is such a tortured woman , she knows she is unlovable and no one expects anything from her . She is naïve and sometimes not trusting at all . She seems child like in so many ways . That is from years of being stifled by her over powering mother that brow beat her every chance she could . Even after her death , Marion couldn't shake herself of her mother .  John is an overbearing egoistical bastard who goes from sugary sweet to belittling Marion any chance he gets .  He was an ogre who treated woman with distain. Even when he was young he had a problem with his father and his mother . You really want to kill him by the time you are done reading .
      This book is an eerie read that will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time . There were parts that I felt like it dragged a bit but over all the author has written a truly good story. The characters are well written and you will want to hug Marion and stab John over and over a few time . The book will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what is going on with the visitors in the basement . This book has the makings of a good gothic read . So if you want a book that will keep you reading this Halloween season check it out  

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Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY

Books to curl up with: HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Today is Release Day for Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection, which features eight steamy new holiday novella...


Today is Release Day for Hot Winter Nights: A Racy Regency Christmas Collection, which features eight steamy new holiday novellas by beloved authors Tammy Andresen, Amy Rose Bennett, Heather Boyd, Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Nina Mason, Christina McKnight, and Lauren Smith. Here’s a summary of what you’ll find inside:

Taming a Christmas Wallflower by Tammy Andresen

It started as a bet. Will Maddox simply needed to kiss the Duke’s daughter, a bluestocking and a wallflower. But the more time he spends with Lady Amelia Chase, the more he realizes he wants so much more.
An Improper Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett
When Miss Lily Godwin has a chance encounter with the mischievous Lord Nash at a Yuletide house party, she is sorely tempted to throw all dictates of decorum out the window. After all, it's Christmas.

The Duke and I by Heather Boyd
The Duke of Stapleton abhors Christmas nonsense, but could a kiss exchanged under mistletoe with his daughter's shy companion alter his opinion of the season?

Secluded with My Hellion by Dawn Brower
In the midst of the blizzard, Gavin Barrington, the Earl of Havenwood, and Lady Odessa Lynwood must overcome the earl's worst fears and figure out if their love can conquer the challenges they must face.

Her Perfect Rogue by Amanda Mariel
When Julia Honeyfield is sent away to a brothel, she runs away...only to find herself in the Duke of Selkirk's arms. Dare she trust him to protect her?

The Twelve Nights of Christmas by Nina Mason
Rollo Gillingham has only twelve nights to win back Penelope Pembroke, the woman he left with his promise to return ten years before. Come Christmas Day, which will she choose--the man she loves or the man her parents want her to marry?

Bedded Under a Christmastide Moon by Christina McKnight
Brigham Clarke, Viscount Whitmore, has endlessly championed those less fortunate than himself by introducing social reform bills in London...all while his wife, Melloria, remains alone in Hertfordshire. When Brigham arrives for the Christmastide holiday, Melloria has only one thing on her mind--the seduction of her husband!
The Rogue’s Seduction by Lauren Smith
London's favorite lady seeks the help and protection of London's most wicked devil to escape one marriage, only to fall into another.

To celebrate the release of this must-read anthology, the authors are holding a giveaway. The grand prize is an e-book of Hot Winter Nights, plus one other book by each of the eight authors (that’s nine free books, romance fans!). Two copies of Hot Winter Nights as second and third prizes. The giveaway ends Oct. 10, so enter now so you don’t miss out.

The authors, right to left: Tammy Andresen, Amy Rose Bennett, Heather Boyd, Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Nina Mason, Christina McKnight, and Lauren Smith.

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Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD THURSDAY ALL:  Happy Thursday all , today we are going to review JUSTICE RIDERS  by Denis Hughes .                          BOOK BLURB         ...


 Happy Thursday all , today we are going to review JUSTICE RIDERS  by Denis Hughes .

                         BOOK BLURB

With an inheritance of $1 million hanging in the balance, who will get there first…?

When old man Ruff dies, leaving $1 million to his son, Ricky Degard is tasked with delivering the documents of the inheritance.

But it proves to be far from the straight forward transaction he first thought.

Degard and his saddle-partner Boyd Fennick ride right into a game of secret marriages, kidnapping and murder.

Given the simple task by Haver Ruff of investigating into his brother’s affairs, they soon find their own lives to be in real danger.

When a masked intruder shoots Arno Ruff in cold blood, and with no other witnesses to prove his innocence, Degard quickly finds himself behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit.

But who is the hombre that wants to frame him?

Once he escapes he has to prove his true innocence to win the aid of the Sheriff and his posse, and get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the Ruff inheritance.

Soon the forefront of their investigation becomes a heroic quest to save the innocent wife of Arno, Chloe Breeze, who is kidnapped by the mysterious masked man.

To make matters worse, she also wanted by another unknown figure for her true claim to the inheritance.

But who is this masked man that seeks her?

Can Degard and Fennick save her before it is too late?

Will the Justice Riders restore peace to the town, or will the money-grabbing villains win the day?

Bursting with mystery, action and adventure, Justice Riders is a must read for fans of Louis L’Amour and Zane Grey.

                          MY REVIEW 

        This was such an enjoyable read , the author has mixed a western with a mystery and throw in some romance. Rick Degard and Bob Fennick are dispatched on a simple assignment of delivering some paper work to the son of a dead man . Until the moment he is arrested for a murder he didn't commit and finding Chloe who is kidnapped by a masked man . Will they save the girl and survive the chaos that will ensue
     The characters are well written and developed . You start to really care for all of them . We have the good guys that will fight to the death to save you and the bad guys who want to drop you where you stand . This is a really good read , the author paints a great picture of the wild west and the mystery adds such a great twist .  
   I love westerns and this one is one I am going to tell people about . The story is fast paced and will keep you on the edge of your seat .  You will laugh and cheer for the main characters as they fight their way to get to the truth of the money and find the damsel in distress . If you like Zane Grey and Lous Lamour . Check it out 

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Books to curl up with: GOOD TURESDAY ALL

Books to curl up with: GOOD TURESDAY ALL:  Good Tuesday all today we have something special for you . Its release day for SACRIFICE THE PAWN  ( a spin off of the surrender games ) Su...


 Good Tuesday all today we have something special for you . Its release day for SACRIFICE THE PAWN  ( a spin off of the surrender games ) Surrender Games book 1 by Lydia Michaels

                         BOOK BLURB 

Surrender Games follows the emotionally charged and highly erotic contemporary romance saga, The Surrender Trilogy.

Isadora Patras has sacrificed years raising her younger siblings, Lucian and Antoinette. As her brother and sister grow more independent, she feels her purpose is lost. Aching to do something selfish and hungry for a taste of the forbidden, she takes a lover—her father’s protégé and trusted family friend, Sawyer Bishop.

In a secret affair trust is tested, respect is bartered, and reputations are on the line. Sawyer has always been Isadora’s mentor, but now it’s her move. She’s through being a pawn and ready to demand the respect of a Queen.

The Surrender Games Series should be read after The Surrender Trilogy.

                       MY REVIEW 

       This is a spin off of the surrender trilogy . We get to see what happens to the rest of the family and friends of the Patras family . This is Isadora's story . 
     Isadora is the oldest child and is thrust into adult responsibilities at a very young age , after her mother dies and her father abandons them . She becomes mother figure to Lucien and Antoinette. She runs the house and keeps them in line , for the most part . She has put her life on hold to make sure that they are on the right path.  But she does one thing she forgets herself an her plans and dreams .  Will she be strong enough to get her love and her dreams . 
      Isadora is such a complex character . She was thrust into the role of caregiver at such a young age. On the outside you see a calm and cool character , a mask she wears quite well  On the inside she is a insecure , scared young woman who doesn't know if she is doing the right thing and is always second guessing herself . As you follow Isadora through the book we see her start to bloom into her strong self . She wants so much more from life she wants to be loved and wants to be needed . She wants more from the man that is his father colleague and friend . Sawyer has been a constant comfort in her young life and now she wants more . She doesn't care that there is a 20 year age difference . She wants something for herself and will get what she wants . She becomes such a strong woman . 
   Sawyer is a conflicted man , he knows he shouldn't be with Isadora but there is a pull there and he is very confused with the fact that she wants more from the relationship then he can give . He is scared and doesn't want to upset everyone. There are too many people that could be upset and hurt if the relationship ever got out . 
      The characters are so well written and very complex , we get emotionally involved with each of them. Trust me you will want to wrap your arms around Isadora and hug her and tell her how much she deserves love . Sawyer you kind of want to slap him upside the head a few times . At first you think he is just using Isadora but there is more to it . The author does a great job in building their characters up and letting them find their way towards each other .  
     This book is a heart wrenching book , you will be on a roller coaster ride that will make you giggle and cry your eyes out .  The author takes us on a journey , the authors writing has a way of getting under your skin and into your heart . I love the way the author shows us the younger characters and the history of the them and takes them to how they are today . This was a very good read, you will get sucked in and before you know it you are done . I can't wait to see if Isadora get her happily ever after in book two . So if you want a great read check it out .